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Dear Friends:
I have some very exciting news to share with you in this letter.  I have been practicing dentistry for 33 years and have been working in this practice for 30 of those years. It has been an honour and privilege to know all of you over that time.  I have been truly blessed.
I am very happy to announce that Dr. Mireya Chiquiza Diaz has taken over as the new owner of the practice. I will now be Dr. Mireya’s associate. My hours will remain the same this year and then I will work a shorter week starting in 2020.
This new arrangement will allow me to take some holidays with my husband, and to slow down gradually. I love being a dentist and look forward to working with you for a few more years at least!
Dr. Mireya, a graduate from Western Dentistry, joined our practice just over a year ago and many of you have already met her. She has been a wonderful asset to this practice, allowing for us to be more flexible in booking appointments, treating emergencies and increasing the scope of treatment provided at the clinic as well. 
I trust Dr. Mireya, her abilities and her knowledge.  I hope that you will also get to know her as I do and continue to allow us to help you with your dental needs.
With warmest regards,
Karin Van Ryswyk


We are very happy to have the opportunity to welcome Dr. Mireya to our practice. Dr. Mireya is a hard-working and compassionate person who puts her patient comfort first. Dr. Mireya will be starting with us on June 21st, allowing us to offer more availability and a wider variety of procedures for our patients.
We look forward to working together.


On receiving the Dr. Neil Farrell Community Service Award
from the London District Dental Society
for her continued support of her community and colleagues

June 17, 1961 - November 10, 2017
With heavy hearts we are saddened to tell everyone that we have lost one of our own.
After a short, hard battle with cancer, Pam has passed away.
As only Pam can be, she kept her quick wit with her until the end. Worrying about everyone else and not herself.
We will all remember her contagious smile, funny stories, and passion for animals fondly.
It is these great memories that will help us get through the tough times we face as we all adjust to a life without Pam

Being the change

     Passionate and proud, Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk is helping to lead the way on a

                                  renewal for Schulich Dentistry.

“I believe we can do this. We can be one of the best dental schools in North America—it’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s going to happen.”
—Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk, DDS’86

Thank you Ronald McDonald House!
We had a wonderful time baking for all the families, and look forward
to cooking up a delicious meal for everyone in September.
We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing resource right here in
our community.

Putting Kids at Ease about Visiting the Dentist

Jen Dafoe knows what its like to feel scared about an upcoming medical procedure. After undergoing 38 surgeries over several years (5 brain and 33 reconstructive oral/dental), she understands the emotional strain of being a patient.

(L. to r.)Dr. Mario Moscone, Tina Ferrera, Jen Dafoe, Eryn MacMillan and Dr. Silvio Ferrara.
Ms. Dafoe, who was born legally blind, had experienced the fear and anxiety that builds prior to medical procedures or surgery and realized that children go through the same stress. Nobody likes
the unknown and imagine putting yourself in a child's place, says Ms. Dafoe. These experiences were part of the impetus for Ms. Dafoe to write her first childrens book.

The result is Chico's First Trip to the Dentist, a book that follows Chico the puppy at the dentist's office. I wanted this book to be used as an educational and fun tool to help alleviate the worries that an anxious child might have before they come to a dental office, Ms. Dafoe says.

Although Chico might not be a typical patient, the story is charmingly illustrated by Evan Shoman, chronicles a routine visit to the dentist, complete with descriptions of Chico getting kibble scrubbed off his teeth and choosing the doggy-bone flavour for his fluoride treatment.
Chico was inspired by a puppy that belongs to one of Ms. Dafoe's friends. When I was going through my surgeries, John would send me a cute picture of his puppy saying, Chico will be your nurse in the neurosurgery unit today, and it always made me laugh, she says. And if it made me laugh, I knew kids were going to love him as well. Often, we see a dog as a protector, a companion, a guide, someone who's there when we're scared or nervous. So Chico was the ideal character.

To gather the information needed to accurately convey a dental visit, Ms. Dafoe brought together many dentists, doctors and dental hygienists. It was very important for me to include accurate and up-to-date information in the book, she explains. Too often, children's books take liberties with these details.

She credits several dentists for their support and advice, in particular: Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk, general practice dentist in London, Ontario; Dr. Raymond Lee, staff pediatric dentist at London Health Sciences Centre; Dr. David Farkouh, staff pediatric dentist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto; and Drs. Mario Moscone and Silvio Ferrara her local dentists in her hometown of Sarnia, Ontario.

My own dentists along with their team members Tina Ferrera and Eryn MacMillan have all been a wonderful source of support and encouragement throughout this entire creative process, notes Ms. Dafoe.

To learn more, visit

If I can alleviate the stress of even one child with my book by educating them, that's very satisfying, she concludes. Knowing that I might help take away a child's anxiety and replace it with education, smiles and giggles, I've reached my ultimate goal of helping others in my lifetime.

Jen Dafoe has teamed with Patterson Dental to make Chico's First Trip to the Dentist available to Canadian dental practices.

To order copies, please contact your Patterson representative.

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