Same Day Crowns (Sirona Cerec OMNICAM)

A recent health show talked about the CEREC CadCam machine and its many benefits to dental patients. The show host remarked that the product was not plentiful in Canada due to its cost.

Our practice has been using CEREC CADCAM since 1999. The initial cost of this machine is considered expensive however it is the only method available today to deliver ceramic restorations to our patients in one visit.

A one visit ceramic inlay, onlay or crown means only one visit to the office, only one injection and no rubber impression or temporary restoration are required.

Our patients who have received CEREC restorations would not have any other. We would be pleased to help you experience CEREC all ceramic tooth coloured restorations, the closest thing to natural enamel available today.

Last Updated On 2021-09-26